Top 10 Best Barbie Gifts for Toddler Girls in India

Childhood of a girl is incomplete without dolls. And Barbie doll is the favorite of every toddler girl child in India. They all grow up playing with these delicate dolls which are an important part of their fantasy world. If you also have a baby toddler girl in your house and you are looking for a perfect present for her then this article can of great help to you.

Have a quick look at the most amazing Barbie gifts for toddler girls in India which can make your little princess really happy and excited. Read through the list of amazing options which can surely be very helpful for you.

1. Barbie Doll

Barbie DollThis can be the very first present for your cute little darling toddler. If you haven’t gifted her a Barbie doll then you must put a wonderful start to her dolls collection by adding a beautiful, elegant and gorgeous looking doll which will be the best present for her life. There are different kinds and types of dolls from which you can pick the best one depending upon your toddler’s liking and preference.

2. Barbie Doll House

Barbie Doll House giftThis is another very alluring and amazing option for gifting it your little baby girl. The pink colored doll house is surely the most perfect choice of present for your charming princess. She will love it for sure as she can decorate it like the way she wants and have a playful day every day.

3. Barbie Salon Stylist Fashion Doll

Barbie Salon Stylist Fashion DollIf your daughter loves to dress up like a star every day then this salon stylish doll is a beautiful present for her. She can stylize her the way she wants by dressing up her hair using the cute little beauty gadgets and create a new look every day for her pretty Barbie doll.

4. Barbie and Ken in India Gift Pack Fashion Doll

Barbie and Ken in India Gift PYou can also shop for the perfect pair of Barbie doll and her husband Ken in beautiful Indian attire. It is a wonderful choice of present for your baby girl. She will love to play with the both of theme and treat them like a family. This is one of the most thoughtful presents for your little girl on her birthday. This can also be her first Barbie present.

5. Barbie Doll and Glam Convertible

Barbie Doll and Glam ConvertibleIf your kid loves cars then you can always wrap for her this enthralling combination of a doll with a gorgeous and glamorous convertible car. She will find it the best present ever. This can be a choice of gift if you have already gifted her enough sets for decorating her doll house.

6. Barbie Cooking Fun Kitchen with Doll

Barbie Cooking Fun Kitchen with DollIf your daughter loves to play with a kitchen set then she will enjoy having a cooking fun kitchen with a doll to make it a more entertaining session at kitchen. It is a cute little assortment of a small kitchen set up which consists of smallest items from kitchen, gas stove and various other accessories for a perfect kitchen of Barbie doll.

7. Barbie Glam Fashion Collection

Barbie Glam Fashion CollectionIf your baby girl has enough Barbie dolls in her collection then you can buy her the glam collection which consists of lots of dresses along with complementing accessories and fashion items that promise to create a wonderful look for her dolls. Let her design a completely new and glamorous look using this fashion collection.

8. Barbie Sisters Tandem Bike Playset Fashion Dolls

Barbie Sisters Tandem Bike Playset Fashion DollsThis is another very exclusive and stylish present for your little princess. Mattel Barbie Sisters Tandem Bike Playset is surely the cutest and most stylish present for your little girl. Add more fun and entertainment to her play sessions. This colorful bike is an exception present for your little girl.

9. Barbie Slide And Spin Pups Playset Fashion Dolls

Barbie Slide And Spin Pups Playset Fashion DollsIf your little baby girl loves pets then this is an ideal gift for her. This is a set based of theme of a park where Barbie and her animal friends are having complete fun time. Barbie has a basket that fits her two puppies. She also has roller skates. Attach her roller skates to the twirly ride and she can spin too. This is a colorful and playful present for your toddler.

10. Barbie Glam Pool Fashion Doll

Barbie Glam Pool Fashion DollHow about making it a perfect present for your little baby girl which consists of Barbie and her friends having a relaxed time on the poolside. It will make up for a stylish splash with the super sparkly slide, cute pet poodle with sunglasses and relaxing float. It comes with a gorgeous combination of pool, slide, poodle and float for a divine poolside experience.

These are some of the most vivacious, colorful and glamorous Barbie gifts which you can buy for Indian toddler girls and make their birthdays happiest celebrations ever.

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