Barbie Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas for baby Girl

Whenever you plan your 5 year old girl’s birthday, the first idea that comes to your head is ‘Let’s do Barbie’. This is so because Barbie is the most gorgeous and appealing theme for girls. Pastel pink colors and delicate decorations make up for a wonderful choice of theme for young girls in India. Your 5 year old daughter will be delighted with the princess fantasy which revolves around sweet treats, pink color and creative games and activities around the concept.

Well there is no doubt that it is a perfect magical theme for your daughter’s birthday. Here are some party ideas to help you with the concept. Follow these wonderful ideas to make it best celebration in the town.

  • Birthday Invitations

Let us begin with styling the invitation cards. Remember, Barbie is all about pink accents, glamour and style. Hence, you have all the room to experiment to make it look shimmery and gorgeous. You can buy simple and sober cards from market and use your creativity along with some ribbon, glitters and other embellishments to transform into an outstanding invite. You can also experiment with the shape. Instead of having a regular shaped card, you can also have the one in the shape of a tiara. This will surely be more creative.

  • Party Décor and Ambiance

There is a lot that you can do if you have selected Barbie doll as the theme for your 5 year old princess’s birthday party. You have all the room to use colors like pink, pastels and whites to create a perfect décor. Use balloons, banners and garlands in the same color along with frills. You can also include some feathers in your decorations. You can even place Barbie cut outs in life sizes to ensure a perfect look for your party.

  • Food

This is surely a very important thing in any party. While deciding the menu, make sure that you keep everything that kids love to it. To make it in synchronization with the theme, you can always have the regular food items made in a customized shape or color. For instance, if you are planning to have cookies or muffins for kids then have them in strawberry flavor. Serve the desserts by decorating them beautifully using flavors like vanilla and strawberry. Give a rosy shade to your food to keep it theme based. If you are having sandwiches in your list then give them a different shape.

  • Table Layout

Table layout is very important. You must make sure that you use pinks and whites while laying the table. Place everything on the table with plates, glasses and napkins based on Barbie doll theme. You can even place a few dolls on the table to make it look more appealing. You can also place some colorful candies to include more colors in your decoration.

  • Cake

This is the centre of attraction for every birthday party. Hence, you must make sure that you order the finest cake for your little girl. You can have a custom made cake based on Barbie doll theme. You can even have the one which has a doll in the centre with her dress around the cake. This will surely take away all the attention of your little guests. Make sure you get sparkling candles to match up the beautiful cake.

  • Games

A birthday party is incomplete with games. You must make sure that organize some wonderful games for the kids so that they can enjoy to the fullest. You can place a makeover station for the kids with all the vanity items like gloss, hair accessories and lipsticks. What more girls can ask for? They all will enjoy a wonderful dressing up and make up session along with arranging hair in a fashionable style. In the end you can click their pictures and keep these memories alive for years. Remember you need to select a game which is totally feminine.

  • Party Favors

Kids are fond of party favors and they all wait for the party to end to find out what will they get as the return gift. To make sure that you don’t disappoint these little girls, you must pick the best party favors for them. If you have chosen the game mentioned above then you can gift each one a nicely frame picture of their playful acts at the party. You can even gift a glittering tiara to them. There are various other Barbie doll goodies available in India like makeup kits or sling bags, clips, head bands and lots more which surely make up a good choice for return gifts.

These are some alluring party ideas for your little daughter who is a Barbie lover. Keep these important points in mind and all your guests will have the best of the time participating in your celebrations.

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