Top 10 Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Young Kids & Children in India

Birthday Return Gift Ideas for kids

If you are organizing a birthday bash for your young baby then one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the return gifts. If your guests are young kids and children then you must make sure that you present them with funky, colorful, unique and usable party favors which can bring a sweet smile on their faces.

Organizing a party really needs you to think of exclusive and reasonably priced presents which can be loved and used by all. This article makes the job easier for you by listing top 10 birthday return gift ideas that are just perfect for young kids and children in India. Have a look at these superb ideas which can make this tough task a lot easier for you.

  1. Smart Sunglasses

Kids love to dress like adults and sunglasses are an important accessory that is loved by all children. You can shop for different kinds, shapes and colors of shades which children can wear when they go out. For sure, they will enjoy wearing them everywhere they go.

  1. Play Dough

This is a very creative party favor for young kids. They love making different shapes and things using colorful dough which come in different packaging sizes. You have all the comfort of choosing the one which fits perfectly in your budget without any issues.

  1. Funky Pencil Stands

Kids love their study table. How about gifting colorful and theme based pencil stands to young kids? All children will love it as they can place their stationery in a more organized fashion using these pencil stands.

  1. Colorful Divided Plate

Make their mealtime more colorful and creative by gifting them divided plates which come with forks and spoons for a perfect meal. They come in different shapes with amazing themes like Doremon, Angry Birds and various other popular cartoons which kids find really appealing.

  1. Cute Wristwatches

This is another very sweet return gift idea for kids. They all love to wear smart and colorful wristwatches which come in various kinds of shapes and colors. You can tie them on their wrist and would love flaunting it to their friends.

  1. Creative Backpacks

This is an item of utility for every child. You can shop for blue backpacks for boys with themes like Doremon, Chota Bheem. You can buy in India pink backpacks for young girls with Barbie theme. They will love it like anything as they can carry a new bag to school.

  1. Personalized Mugs

If you don’t mind going that extra mile for that perfect return gift then personalized mugs are an amazing choice of present for children. Each with his name or picture on it will surely love it like anything. Now they will not mind having milk in a mug which has their name.

  1. Colorful Storage Buckets

Storage buckets are cute small buckets in different colors and prints. They come in different size ranging from cute small ones to relatively large ones which can be used for storing different kinds of things. You can fill them with cookies or chocolates and present them to children of all age groups.

  1. Personalized Hand Towels

You can have the names of all the guests written on hand towels. Kids can take them to school with their lunch boxes or place them in their bathroom. Everything that is personalized helps children relate with it more effectively. This is surely a very unique present for children which is not so popular. For sure, kids are going to love it.

  1. Handmade Soaps

Pamper their cute little hands by gifting them soothing handmade soaps. You can shop online for healthy, colorful and beautifully fragranced soaps for children and create a cute assortment to surprise them with something so unique. This will surely inculcate a good habit of hand washing in children.

Now you have a long list of return gift ideas using which you can make the birthday party of your baby really a big hit amongst all the kids. Keep it exclusive and for sure children are going to adore your present.

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