Top 10 Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas in India

Bachelorette Party Ideas India

Bachelorette party is the time to bid adieu to the single status. It is the time to celebrate with your friends and let loose. Put your tensions aside and relax. For the bride-to-be, it is an important event as she is entering a new phase of her life and she wants to share her joy with her friends in those private moments which will soon become a wonderful memory.

This article unfolds the list of the 10 best bachelorette party ideas in India which can promise great fun. So if you are not sure of what you can do for celebrating the event then read through and find out on your own.

  1. Keep it Just For Girls

Instead of inviting all your friends, keep it a private party for all the girls. This will help you open up with them on anything and everything. You can play truth and dare and make it more fun by exploring the hidden sides of everyone.

  1. Take a Road Trip

This is surely another very interesting idea for a bachelorette party. You can visit to a nearby place with your friends and enjoy the road trip for a day or two. This will help you loosen up before your wedding and you will be there just with your best friends.

  1. Go for Disco

How about having a party at a disco? This is the ideal place to drink and dance. Gobble up a few pegs and loosen up on the dance floor. Request your favorite tracks and just follow the beat. This is one of the most exciting and thrilling things to do. Go wild and have fun.

  1. A Day Picnic

You can enjoy a day picnic with your friends. If there is a beach close by then you can spend your day with them under the sun, relaxing, sunbathing and just having some private time with your girl pals. Gossip and enjoy a drink on the beach. Get a massage done and simply relax.

  1. Go Adventurous

If your friends enjoy something adventurous then you can plan a trekking trip with them. It is one of the most amazing things to do. Take as many friends as possible as more people mean more fun. It is the best thing to do which is a little offbeat.

  1. Relax at a Spa

Every soul looks for a relaxed rejuvenating session at spa. Get a nice manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and spa at some of the best spas in the city and let your body relax. With your girl friends around, you can gossip with them, enjoy healthy juices and simply relax.

  1. Go Casino

This is another very interesting way to party. Go clubbing and enjoy a few deals at the casino. This is an extravagant way but you can always have gambling sessions and cards to make it a hot and happening celebration for the bride.

  1. A Lavish Lunch

You can even go out on a lavish lunch at some good restaurant at the city. You can have a four course meal with drinks and keep it a relaxed afternoon followed by a high tea. This is a simple and classy way of having the party.

  1. Slumber Party

You can get a hotel booked for night. Order lots of room service and have the best time with your girls. Giggle, gossip, drink, dance and do whatever you like. You can also avail services like pool, spa etc. at the hotel to make it more enjoyable.

  1. Dance and Drinks

If you want to let loose and just enjoy then having a party with drinks and dance at any good pub or club in the town is a superb idea. Just enjoy the amazing time with your friends and relax without having to worry about the wedding that is soon to happen.

Pick any of these ideas to plan your bachelorette party and spend the best of your single time with your beloved friends.

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