Surprise New Dads With Unique and Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

To a child, father is really very dear. He is someone who protects him, makes him feel secure, takes care of his needs and desires and makes every possible effort to make him feel happy. It is a beautiful bond of love. Hence, Father’s Day is a special day when you celebrate this association of love between a child and his father. If you are looking for interesting and unique gift ideas for new dads then this post brings to you some of the most wonderful and beautiful gift options that are perfect for first-time father’s day.

Let us read through the list of the best new dad gifts to surprise your father with personalized choices. These are some of the precious and most delightful presents which you can shop from anywhere in India and make it him feel special and loved on this day.

Personalized Papa T-Shirt

You can have a customized t-shirt designed for him which contains a sweet message like “Papa Since 2015” or “World’s Best Father”. This is something really very cute and special. This will always be something he is always going to cherish and he can wear it anywhere, anytime and look like a stylish and cool dad.

Baby Suit with Papa’s Message

This is another personalized unique gift options for the first-time dad. You can shop online for a baby suit or any other clothing with some nice message on it which reflects the dad and child bond. For instance, you can go for a message “My Dad is Madly in Love With Me”. This is again very interesting and cute thing to present him.

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Matching Father and Child T-shirts

You can also shop for same t-shirts for the new dad and his cute little child. This is one of the coolest and funkiest gifts as they both can dress alike and look great. This is surely a perfect first present to the new dad.

Personalized Key ring

You can even go for a custom made key ring which consists of come nice message engraved on it. “Hooked the Best Dad Since 2015”, “Daddy is My Hero” are some of the examples which are perfect for this occasion.

Stylish Papa Diaper Bag

You can shop for diaper bag with some masculine print on it so that the new father can carry the utilities of his child in it and look stylish. This is a present which comes with wonderful utility and surely every father will be happy to have it.

Diaper Changing Tool-Belt for Dad

To keep things in an organized fashion, you can gift the new dad a smart and stylish tool-belt for diaper changing. He can put all the necessary stuff like diaper, powder puff, anti-rash cream, pins, wet wipes and various other items in it to make diaper changing convenient and quick. He can wear it around his waist and stay sorted.

Lavish Gourmet Gift Kit

You can surprise the first time dad with a bunch of gourmet goodies that you can put in a basket and add a beautiful ribbon bow to it. Fill it with a few of his favorites which he enjoys like nutritious snacks and delicious chocolates and a few energy drinks which will help him stay fit and healthy and manage all his responsibilities with greater energy.

Parenting Book

Shopping for an informative and interesting parenting book the new father is a thoughtful gift. If he is fond of reading this it is a wonderful surprise for him which he can read and learn how to help his baby grow. He can gain more knowledge on how to bring his child, how to change nappies, what food to give baby at different times, how to make a baby sleep and various other things which are extremely helpful for him to become a better dad.

Personalized Best Dad Tie

You can wrap up a personalized tie which has a printed or embroidered message “Best Dad”. He can wear it to his office or parties or any other kind of outing and look simply smart and stylish. This is another exclusive present for a new dad as he gets to flaunt that he is now a hot dad.

All these father’s day gifts for the very new dad are perfect choices. You can select any one of them and surprise him with these best presents which you can shopping online sitting at home anywhere in India. So this father’s day, make it more interesting and innovative by buying some exclusive designer presents for the new father.

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