11 Best Naughty Gift Ideas for Bridal Shower in India

Best Naughty Gift Ideas

Bridal shower is one time when the bride gets to spend some close, intimate and private moments with her friends. It is surely more intimate than the wedding celebrations. It is the time when you look for the best naughty and funky gifts for her which can bring a smile to her face and surely add up more fun to her life.

This article brings some of the most amazing ideas for bridal shower gifts in India which promise to make your presents the best at the party. Remember that the bride will open it in front of everyone present at the celebrations, so be very careful at picking the right one.

Read on and find out some of the funkiest and naughtiest gifts for your girl pal….

Sensual Fragrances and Scents

If you are a little uncomfortable in trying something funky but you also want to wrap up something nice then go for a combination of body lotions, body washes, perfumes, bubble baths and room scents in some of the amazing smells like jasmine, rose, sandalwood, lavender etc. which can simply turn them on.

Pre-Wedding Spa Treatments

Every bride needs a relaxing spa session just before the wedding which can soothe her skin and ease her mind. Gift the bride a combined package consisting of body wrap, bikini wax, skin scrub and spa session of the hottest spa in the city and make your gift the most memorable one.

Sexy Lingerie

How about gifting her something sexy and sensuous? This is one thing that every bride must have. Wrap up some hot silk nighties or satin garnets or any other kind of sexy clothing which can make her look gorgeous every night. Gift her something interesting in which she can slip on and look like a diva.

Romantic Air

You can always wrap up beautifully smelling candles, incense and perfumes which can set the mood of the couple. Aromas of cucumber and black licorice are perfect for the bride. You can couple them with pumpkin pie for the groom to make it a wonderful gift for both of them. They will sooth their mind.

Sexy Robes

You can even gift her short, smart and sexy bath robes. They are perfect wear after a hot steamy bath to cover up and look stunningly hot. You can make it an interesting pair by picking one for the bride and one for the groom to make it an important part of their honeymoon romance.

Tickets to Dance Sessions or Fitness Clubs

Gift the bride a pass to enroll for ballroom dance sessions which every lady wants to have. She can go there with her groom and practice some moves. Or you can also gift her vouchers for fitness club enrolments in which can help her tone her muscles and get that perfect figure that she always desired to have.

Dinner Dining

This is something that every couple enjoys. Gift her voucher of some of the most wonderful restaurants in the town where she can go with her man for a romantic candle light dinner on the pool side. This is one of the most romantic and thoughtful gift which will always live in their memories.

Luxury Hotel Stay

You can even gift the bride-to-be a voucher for stay at some of the most beautifully located hotel in the town or in a nearby city which is located at a short distance. She can go there for a weekend to take a romantic break with her man and have some private moments away from everyone else.

Erotic Foods

How about buying edible body paints or erotic fortune cookies as naughty and nice gift items for your bride-to-be friend? Wrap up chocolate syrups, chocolates, honey, whipped cream and various other night cravings which the couple can enjoy with a hint of romance.

Room Decors

You can also gift the bride something interesting like plush print cushion covers, romantic bed sheets or satin bed covers to revive their room for a perfect lovemaking experience. This is something which every couple wants to have to make their room look more appealing and interesting every night.

Romantic Novel

If your friend loves to read then there is nothing more interesting thing for her than a romantic and erotic novel which can be her perfect book for the time being. Markets are loaded with amazing bestsellers which can be easily shopped online to add more spice to their lives.

These are some of the naughty and unique gift ideas for bridal shower to make it a perfect present for your friend.

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