Top 10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for this festive season

Best Diwali Gift Ideas

In India, Diwali is a celebration of light; and people enjoy this festive mood by gifting with each other. We keep some special gift ideas in store that help you to choose the best ones for your friends and family. Whatever you choose, give your all creativity to buy the gifts for your loved ones. This Diwali, we give you many ideas to surprise your family and friends; some are as follows.

Diwali Pooja Thali:

Diwali Pooja Thali giftYou can decorate Diwali pooja thali which is a very classy gift on this eve of Diwali. For decorating your thali, Diwali diyas makes your preparation colorful; you can also add flowers and bells to give it a traditional look. Your pooja thali must be decorated with all essentials needed for pooja preparation, such as a coin, an idol of Ganesh and laksmmi and a katuri. Your final touch is important to give it a finished look by drawing a swastika sign on it.

Diwali Diyas:

Diwali Diyas giftsIt is a celebration of light or to be very specific it is a victory of light over darkness, so diyas are the main attraction in this festival. We all light diyas to decorate our home and surroundings as to destroy the darkness or evil. Now, in the market, you can find many designs colored diyas to bring light to your home. It is the perfect gift in Diwali.

Lakshmi and Ganesh idol:

Lakshmi and Ganesh idolDuring Diwali, we also worship Lakshmi and Ganesh as to bring peace, fame and wealth in our life. It is a very common gift in this festival and people gift it for well being of their family.

Personalized First Diwali Onesie and Bodysuit, Clothes

First Diwali Onesie, Baby Diwali Bodysuit, Newbron Clothes Gift

Personalised Happy Diwali Onesie

You can always buy cute and adorable baby clothes for Diwali for your baby boys and girls. The Personalized Diwali baby outfits, Onesie and rompers will make the perfect choice of clothing for the occasion and also a great Diwali gift idea for kids.

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Chocolates and Sweets:

Diwali Chocolates and Sweets giftsSweets and Diwali are the perfect complements to each other. You can also prepare chocolate hampers for your dearest ones. During this festival, sweets and chocolates are the best thing to bring a sweet note in the festive mood. So, be it chocolate hampers or Mithai packets, it can draw a big smile on your friend’s face.

Diwali Decorative Items:

Diwali Decorative ItemsGift your friends and family Diwali decorative items to make the surroundings perfect that suits this festive atmosphere; you have lots of options in your hand, such as door hangings, Diwali diyas, candles, wall hanging and Laxhmi-Ganesh idol. The decorative items carry sweet memories so these are the best gifts on this eve. The showpieces designed specially for Diwali are in a wide variety.

Dry Fruits Collections:

Diwali Dry Fruits giftsYou can also go for the dry fruit collection for this Diwali, as winter is approaching in the festive season, dry fruits are always making a place in the gift lists. You can gift it personally or professionally. Your dry fruit collection includes Pista, Almond, Walnut, cashew and many other dry fruits.

Diwali Crackers:

Diwali CrackersDiwali without crackers would be an unfinished celebration. When a rocket flies in the sky and make a fire shower, it gives an awesome feeling to all. For kids, fire wheels bring a dancing moment in this festive mood. It is the festival of light, sounds and sparkle though Indians observe a long story behind the firecrackers; for them, crackers are the symbol of love, purity and prosperity.

Diwali Gift Hampers:

Diwali Gift Hampers

For both your personal and professional gifts, Diwali gift hampers should be your choice; the best thing is that you can make it all by yourself or can go for the ready-made. To give your hamper a perfect look, you can add chocolates, sweets, Lord Ganesha statue and design it in a creative way.

Diwali Dresses and Costumes:

Diwali Dresses and CostumesYou can also wish your family with gifting Diwali dresses and costumes as it is our Indian culture to welcome any festival wearing new dresses. Be it silk or cotton, it will give an immense happiness to your friends. New clothes are always desirable and when it is Diwali, it can be the best option to gift clothes for your loved ones.

Diwali Jewelry and Diamond items:

Diwali Jewelry and Diamond giftsIf you are preparing gifts for your girlfriend and wife, then Diwali jewelry and diamond is the best option for you. Sparkle your world with diamond pieces to celebrate this festive mood. You can find many Diwali special ornaments; buy it according to your budget.

Other Diwali Gifts:

Diwali Diary, Diwali books, Diwali business cards and wallets are a few of them that definitely bring smile in family.

Your gifts only take its true meaning only when you wrap it with your emotion and sentiments. So, make your Diwali happy with these ideas.

Diwali Messages: What to Write in a Diwali Greetings Card

“May the sweetness of sweets and happiness of hearts be there with you…. Wishing a very Happy Deepavali to you.”

“May the sparkles of fireworks and cheers of Diwali festivities brighten the coming year for you…. Happy Deepavali to you and your family.”

“I wish you the most beautiful Diwali this year…. I wish you many more opportunities, many more smiles and many more dreams…. Happy Diwali.”

Use these to help you write in a card or wish someone a happy Diwali. Here you’ll find Happy Diwali messages, Diwali wishes.